Friday, November 20, 2009

Technical Difficulties should be my middle name.

I promised a delightful group of ladies that I would have information on my blog for them by then end of this week, barring any major technical difficulties. Unfortunately, there were major technical difficulties. First, there were camera difficulties. These were solved by a trip to the local camera store, money changing hands and new equipment arriving in our home. Then, I had to learn to use the new equipment.

Then there were software difficulties. These were solved with several hours of research, then tracking down a copy of the necessary software within the city, then sending my sweetie to buy said software. Then new drivers and other updates needed installing. The new software needed installing, The new software needed learning.

Then there were transfer difficulties. Getting the footage from the new camera onto the new software actually takes longer than the film that was shot.

Needless to say. Even though I have devoted all the time I have had over the last few days to this endeavour, I have not been successful in getting the necessary information into a format that is useful yet. I hope to have something up by the end of the weekend. Until then, I will post the instructions for the scissor fob that this is all about in a separate post.

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